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    Our College Participates in the First Jiangsu Education Expo
    來源:    點擊數:889    更新時間:2010-09-29

     From Sept. 16 - 18, the First Jiangsu Education Expo was held at Nanjing International Exhibition Center. Our college set up booths in the exhibition center, fully demonstrating the education and teaching results obtained by NTCSE during the"Eleventh Five-Year Plan".The secretary of the college Party committee Jiang Yuner,President Ding Yong and the deputy secretary of the college Party committee Xie Ming visited exhibition.

         The first Jiangsu Education Expo is sponsored by Provincial Education Department. The college attached great importance to participate in this Education Expo and had set up an Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee had worked overtime to design a special pavilion which is illustrated and multimedia during summer vacation. Exhibition on display ,introducing the basic situation,professional characteristic,talents training system,construction of the teaching staff,international communication and social influence of NTCSE,has attracted many honored guests,media and visitors stop to read, watch.

         On Sept. 16, Education Expo organized the first symposium:Carry out Planning Program Develop special education,on which President Din Yong as an invited expert delivered a speech entitled "Thinking about Some Problems of Provincial Medium and Long-term Educational Reform and Development Program on Special Education".The report expounded the ways to maintain national leader in special education development, to take the lead in establishing a comprehensive, first-class special education for the benefit of the disabled, to service "two lead-takings" of Jiangsu,and to make education more equitable in the coming decade.