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    Opening Ceremony for the Auditory Speech Science Laboratory
    來源:    點擊數:627    更新時間:2010-06-25

    Opening Ceremony for the Auditory Speech Science Laboratory

    The opening ceremony for the auditory speech science laboratory was held on May 27, presented by Mr. Dean Ding Yong, Mr.Gan Bingjin, audiologist from Hong Kong and Pro. Du Xiaoxin from East China Normal University.
    At the very beginning, Mr. Dean Ding extended deep gratitude and warm welcome to Mr. Gan Bingji and Pro.Du Xiaoxin, who have been making contributions to the development of our college. Mr. Ding announced that four standard laboratories have been newly built, including a language training room, a pure tone audiometric room, an acousticon fitting room and an electrophysiology audiometric room. The newly built laboratories will serve the teaching and research in a better way.
    Afterwards, Mr Gan Bingji and Mr. Dean Ding took part in the open ceremony. Mr. Gan and Pro. Du have been invited as guest professors and issued certificates.
    In the opening ceremony, Mr. Gan issued the denotation plate to our laboratory. Mr. Gan has devoted himself to the career of special education and given great support to the lab construction of our college. Especially, he has denoted research facilities worth of 80,000 yuan, including hearing aid, the hearing aids programming and some other software to our college and given us great technical support.