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    SUNY College
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    I.Brief Introduction to Institution

    The Institution of Sunshine (formerly the Department of Fine Arts in Nanjing Technical College of Special Education) was established in June, 2008, mainly for the higher vocational and technical education of the people with disability. Now there are two departments: Department of Art Design and Department of Fine Arts, with the majors of Dress Design and Engineering, Decorative Design, Graphic Art Design, Fine Arts Teaching, Calligraphy and Traditional Chinese Painting and Aquarelle and Oil Painting, among which the major of Art Design was confirmed by Jiangsu Provincial Education Department to be the construction site of the characteristic majors of Jiangsu provincial colleges and universities.

    The Institution of Sunshine has 400 students and a faculty of 22 full-time teachers, including 12 Junior and Senior Teachers and 6 teachers with master’s degree and above.

    II.Introduction to the majors

    Fine Arts Teaching(Art Teaching)】(normal

    Fine Arts Teaching(Calligraphy and Traditional Chinese Painting)】(normal

    Fine Arts Teaching(Aquarelle and Oil Painting)】(normal

    Art DesignDecorative Design)】(non-normal

    Art Design (Dress Engineering) 】(non-normal

    Art Design (Graphic Art Design】(non-normal