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    Department of Music
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    I. Brief Introduction to Department

    Being one of the earliest-founded departments, the Department of Music has 230 students and a faculty of 15 full-time teachers, including 5 associate professors and 8 lecturers. The teachers have strong teaching abilities and high special levels, having taken medals in all kinds of national and provincial musical competitions 

    The Department of Music has Music Teaching Building, with special piano rooms, dancing rooms, rehearsal halls and MIDI rooms in it, equipped with pianos and accordions which meet the needs of teaching and students’ practice. Studying in the Department of Music, the students are ensured to have a good opportunity to be talented people and to apply what they learn to their future work. 

    II.Introduction to the majors

    Musical Teaching】(normal

    Musical Teaching(Musical Rehabilitation)】(normal

    Musical Teaching(Dance Directing)】(normal

    Musical Performance】(non-normal