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    Department of Foreign Languages
    來源:    點擊數:251    更新時間:2009-11-13

    .Overall Introduction to the Department

    Department of Foreign Languages, founded in 2003, has four majors―English Education, Applied English, Tourism English and Applied Korean. It mainly trains English teachers for special education primary schools, ordinary primary schools and pre-school institutions, and also other English or Korean professionals for tourism, hotel service, business trade and office work. There are nearly 500 students, 27 full-time teachers, among whom there is 1 professor, 5 associate professors and 9 lecturers, 5 teachers returned from overseas, 2 training objects of Jiangsu’s Experienced Teacher and Young Teacher Project, 1 teaching model and long-term foreign teachers. Every teacher in the department has an education record of postgraduate or above and has a strong sense of responsibility for their work. They have outstanding teaching ability and research strengths.

    The department has its own multimedia-assisted teaching equipment, campus-wide audio transmission and receiving equipment, 5 multi-media language laboratories with the latest language learning softwares and foreign language audio books and foreign language skills training rooms.

    The department has rational-structured, efficient, capable administrators, teachers and student’s counselors. It has trained a number of excellent English teachers and professionals for foreign trade, office work and tourism management.

    .Introduction to the Majors

    English Education

    English Education (Pre-school Teacher Education)

    Applied English (Business English) (non-teacher education)

    Applied English (Foreign-related Secretary) (non-teacher education)

    Tourism English (non-teacher education)

    Applied Korean (non-teacher education)