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    Department of Preschool Education
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    .Overall Introduction to the Department

    Department of Preschool Education, founded in 2004, is full of vigour and vitality. It now has 458 students, 17 teaching and administrative staff, among whom 14 are full-time teachers. There is one professor, 4 associate professor and 3 Ph.D. holders, and 70% of them have an education record of postgraduates or above.

    Preschool Education is a major of salient features in our college. It has several major fields, ie, Preschool Special Education, Psychology Education of Special Children and Child Care. The department sticks to the core of training practical personnel, strengthens discipline construction and has many an excellent course at the provincial or college level. The department has Situational Method, Preschool Toy Resource, Infant Nursing Care Skill, Handicraft Skill Training Laboratories.

    .Introduction to the Majors

    Preschool Education (Special Education)

    Preschool Education (Psychology Education of Special Children)

    Preschool Education (Child Care)